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Build a Bigger Chest CHAMPS will present to you special chest workout for building a bigger chest! When you look at bodybuilders' physiques attentively, you will notice three types : those with big arms with small chest and back (limbs type) those with big chest and back with less arms (trunk type) and finally the perfect one with a perfect balance body (the champion type!) It's always surprising when you see a guy with the chest of a 12 year old girl benching over 400 pounds! What is the problem? In fact- if you look at those guys lift carefully, you will observe when they push the bar - they always take a close grip bench pressing grip. Why? Because those guys have built a motor pattern that put more stress on shoulders and triceps. If you look at their physique, you will notice that almost all the time those guys have short clavicular bones. This genetic predisposition is predominant in this "limbs" type physique. In summary, when your shoulders are closer apart - the chance of you developing this type of physique is much more probable. Now, if you have or one of your athletes has this problem, and you want to correct it and build a full round and impressive chest like Arnold - you will need to step out of the conventional chest building methodology, in other words - you will need to innovate! First, you need to put more emphasis or target the pectoral muscle, not isolate it, like a lot a books and so-called "experts" say, because it's nearly impossible to isolate a muscle group. Why target pec exercises before basic mass building exercises like bench press and dumbbell press? The reason is that you want to pre-fatigue your pecs to then be able to put more work volume on this part of the pressing muscle chain to completely destroy pec muscle fibres. Now a lot of training experts disagree with me, and you know what - it doesn't matter to me. What really matters are results... Period! Just go ahead and give this a try and the next day you will feel like a guy who had breast augmentation surgery! The program : A1 -Flat Bench Dumbbell Flies 4 x 10 tempo 3-1-1 rest 0 sec (tempo: go down in three seconds... stay 1 sec at the end and go up as fast as you can or in 1 second) A2 - Neutral Pec Deck Double Contraction 4 X 6 tempo stop and go rest 45sec (on a pec deck machine - you do one half contraction from the starting position and one full contraction for each rep) B1 - Incline Dumbbell Flies 4 x 10 tempo 3-1-1 rest 0sec. B2 - Low Pulley Supinated Flies 4 x 10 tempo 3-2-1 rest 60sec (on a low position cable cross over machine, you take two handles in supinated form (palms facing up ) and you do exactly the opposite of a standard cable crossover movement. You go up and at the end - you squeeze your pecs together and hold it for two seconds. Ok, that's the end the pre-exhausting part, now for the big moves! C - Flat Bench Dumbbell Press 3 set of 10 3-1-1 rest 120sec D - Beyond Failure Bench Press 2 x 10 tempos 3-1-1 rest 120sec And the mad part!!! 6-8 rest 10 sec max 10sec max 10sec max -20% max ... For the last set, yes, it's all in the same set! You do some kind of cluster form set. You put the maximum weight on the bar you can do for 6 to 8 reps after you rack back the bar; you take a 10 sec break; you re-take the same weight and you do your max; after you put the bar back in the rack take 10 sec rest ... and for the last set you drop the weight by 20% and you take it to the ultimate max with the help of a partner you do two forced reps at the end. Don't overdo it! 4 weeks of this crazy thing is more than necessary to accomplish what you want. If you do it for too long, it will be very stressful for your joints and your nervous system. Ha Ha!!! Now you think I'm crazy!! You're right... only crazy people want to be the biggest bodybuilder in the world! Stay tuned folks!!! Next month, we will try the Legs from Hell program, only one person I know has been able to do it without throwing up!